Sunday, October 16, 2005

Time-Table of Favour!

I am persuaded that there is a "time-table of favour" which determines the timings of man's blessings. The Eagle is reputed to be the king of all birds, but I know that it is not the, most powerful bird. Wherein lies the secrets of its enthronement?

The Eagle is a most sensitive bird, it is a bird of positioning, as soon as it senses a change of wind current, it positions itself to FLOW and GLIDE on the current. It doesn't fly against the wind. It doesn't fly by flapping its wings, it rides on the strength of the wind. Its envious heights is a product of the grace of the wind, it doesn't struggle with the wind.

In tropical Africa the rain has subsided in this part of the world, the sun is risen in its strength, this season is mostly a time of harvest. How I wish we would learn from the wisdom of the eagle. We can make sweat-less money in this season by reason of the natural explosion of activities triggered by the bumper harvest season, in fact we can make much more from this season that could last till the early part of next year with leftover to invest for residual yield.

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