Friday, October 21, 2005

Joel Comm: I Have Finally Come!

Do you have a hero or heroine that inspires you with his/her generated results which compels RESPECTS? Well, my web friend, Joel Comm invited me over seven weeks ago to join his Adsense Chat forum, but it wasn't until yesterday that I eventually put my footprints on that forum.

I am so excited today, I posted my first thread on Adsense Chat Forum yesterday, and I feel I should share excerpts of what I posted there with you now. It was titled:

Stepping Into Destiny Propulsion
Hey, Guys, I am Aderemi Ojikutu, ...,

May I use this privilege of intro, to publicly commend my sweet mentor whom I always describe as a Prophet of Web revenue and Traffic revival, Joel Comm.

I am a most humble learner and I pledge my obedience to every letter of instruction you all will give me for my explosion in income and revenue on my site. I would also be looking forward to your masterly help and assistance to fulfill the above-stated goal of mine.

I'm fond of stating to whosoever care to listen to me that: "If you are not on the web; you are not in the world! And if you are not on the world, you are a dead person in this age of infotech! the infotech age has almost become like oxygen to a growing number of people in the world today, but many are still breathing polluted air due to lack of understanding of wisdom nuggets shared on an elite chat forum like ours here.

It is not for nothing today that the richest man on earth is an infotech man. it is also significant that his name is Gate. However may I ask you a personal question: how much room have you taken up after accessing the "gate" opened to you by the richest man on earth?

I believe the answer to that would be found here, as we explore the gems that could trigger explosion in our space(sites) to accommodate not only the huge traffic but also the huge wealth in that PALACE!!!

See me as your new baby, and help to nurture me into a Giant for our collective and mutual enrichment.

Thank You.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Time-Table of Favour!

I am persuaded that there is a "time-table of favour" which determines the timings of man's blessings. The Eagle is reputed to be the king of all birds, but I know that it is not the, most powerful bird. Wherein lies the secrets of its enthronement?

The Eagle is a most sensitive bird, it is a bird of positioning, as soon as it senses a change of wind current, it positions itself to FLOW and GLIDE on the current. It doesn't fly against the wind. It doesn't fly by flapping its wings, it rides on the strength of the wind. Its envious heights is a product of the grace of the wind, it doesn't struggle with the wind.

In tropical Africa the rain has subsided in this part of the world, the sun is risen in its strength, this season is mostly a time of harvest. How I wish we would learn from the wisdom of the eagle. We can make sweat-less money in this season by reason of the natural explosion of activities triggered by the bumper harvest season, in fact we can make much more from this season that could last till the early part of next year with leftover to invest for residual yield.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Floodlight Of Treasure

'...and when thou hast found it, then there shall be a reward, and thy expectation shall not be cut off.' (Proverbs 24:14)

This applicable biblical principle is what governs every imaginable blessings of mankind. Any time you see people dragging their feet about like victims and prisoners of a war, which they don't know the author of, it is because they lack the light or, better still, the floodlight that can undo the works of darkness. Every defeat during daytime is rooted in the arrows of darkness of the night.

Your rewards in life is what determine your respects. Respect also is a function of results, which itself is a product of light. When rewards and expectations are dashed to pieces, it is because of the carelessness of the defeated to utilise the floolight, in the night seasons, to locate the hidden riches and treasures of darkness, for an excellent and victorious life. That life is determined by the level of floodlight you carry. Therefore I admonish you to go for the Floodlight of Treasure!!!

'The reader is a leader' -Aderaskeey diving into the riches of both knowledge and wisdom in order to excel. Posted by Picasa